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New York Remove Unwanted Hair   Laser Hair Removal technologies in Long Island offering safe modern practically painless permanent hair removal Medically supervised laser treatment specialists Logical alternatives to waxing electrolysis and other ineffective treatments for permanent loss of unwanted hair
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Laser Hair Removal Long Island

Hair Removal Long Island

Is Laser Treatment for you?

Unwanted hair can be very annoying physically and psychosocially. Traditional methods of getting rid of it are usually painful, time-consuming and provide only temporary relief.

Cosmetic areas treated by shaving, plucking, waxing or electrolysis are usually small - side effects such as scarring, allergic reactions and ingrown hairs are common with these techniques.

Permanent Hair Reduction for Men & Women

Lasers - Safe Virtually Painless

Our procedure safely removes unwanted growth without damaging the surrounding skin. This procedure is relatively pain free (though this varies with the patient), quick (under 10 minutes per treated area) and permanent (after 3-5 treatments). Some skin areas may be more sensitive to treatments than others (e.g., back vs. under arm areas).

How LightSheer Technology Works

The LightSheer delivers quick pulses of light that are safely absorbed by the pigment (color) in your hair. The light is converted to heat energy, which reaches the hair follicle or root, and destroys it, preventing further hair growth. Lightsheer Laser for permanent Hair ReductionThe pulsed light moreover cools the instant it contacts your skin. Only hair follicles in their growth cycle will be damaged - this explains the usual need for 3-5 treatments for permanent removal. Yearly "touch-up" treatments may be necessary as well for some patients.

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